Importance of the Pelvic Floor

pelvic-floor-health-rocky-mountain-physical-therapy Jan8th 2021

Did you know that there are over seven muscles that make up your pelvic floor? Did you also know that nearly half of women past age 50, and 10% of men report some sort of bladder leakage? That being said, common does not necessarily mean normal, or that you’re destined to leak forever. 

Functions of the pelvic floor include organ support, bladder and bowel control, sexual function and hip and core stability. Pelvic floor muscles can get tight or weak, just like other muscles in your body. This dysfunction can lead to things like pelvic pain, back or hip pain, loss of bladder control or issues with sexual function. If you’re having any of these issues, discuss with your physical therapist how they can help. 

Lindsay Simonds, PT, DPT

Pelvic Floor Level 1 Certified Physical Therapist 

Data source: University of Michigan Health 

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