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Living with Chronic Pain May10th 2021

Living with Chronic Pain? Discover the Relief You’ve Been Looking For

Physical Therapy Can Help You Beat Those Chronic Pain Blues! Do you feel as if your chronic back pain has locked you out of your own life? This nagging, excruciating symptom can stem from a variety of underlying causes, in some cases growing progressively worse from day to day until you can hardly move at

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Achy Mornings Getting You Down Apr20th 2021

Achy Mornings Getting You Down? It May Be Time to Replace Your Mattress

You Deserve to Sleep Through the Night Again! Have you been having sleep troubles through the night? Or perhaps you wake up feeling achy, painful, or overall uncomfortable? Imagine waking up, fully rested after 8 hours of sleep. As you gently awake, you move to sit up… only to be hit with an ache in

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physical therapy covid Apr10th 2021

Physical Therapy Can Help Patients Recovering from Covid-19

There are several negative lasting effects from the virus, many of which cause a loss of muscle mass and heart issues. Here at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, we offer methods of treatment for patients recovered from COVID-19.  Recovery is never an easy road to go down alone. Contact our offices located throughout Colorado today; we

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