Patient Testimonials

  • My life is back to normal!

    The folks at Rocky Mountain physical therapy are some of the most down to earth people I’ve met. I developed a TMJ dysfunction early in the year that I thought would leave me with severe tinnitus for the rest of my life. After a couple of visits I was already experiencing relief, and by the time summer came around I felt like my life was back to normal. The care, knowledge, and experience that the people at Rocky Mountain PT exhibit is incredible.

    - Alexis P.
  • I Can Use My Wrist Again!

    I had an awesome experience at RMPT! I had trouble with my right wrist due to a power drill injury, and Nikhil helped me with getting it working to where I could use my wrist again with working on sprinklers at work and putting things back to the way they were.

    - Andy W.
  • I'll Go Nowhere Else for my PT Needs!

    My experience with Rocky Mountain physical therapy has been second to none. I woke up one morning feeling like I broke my arm. My therapist Meggan Jorgensen got me in quickly and worked diligently to not only relieve my pain but also to improve my limited mobility. After 30 minutes, I had nearly full function of my arm again with minimal pain. She also educated me on what exercises I could do to prevent it from happening in the future and strengthen. As a precaution, I saw her again a couple of days later and improved my results completely. She is a miracle worker. She listens, cares, educates, and is results-focused. I highly recommend her and RMPT. I will go nowhere else for my physical therapy needs.

    - Angie L.
  • They Went Above and Beyond

    We would like to thank everyone at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, including OTs and PTs Brian and Lindsey for all of their help rehabbing Austyn back to being herself. After an injury and diagnosis that had her unable to walk and an unclear future, she is not only running but was also able to crush her goal of playing club volleyball. Lindsey and Brian went above and beyond finding ways to help her achieve a goal we never thought she would be able to achieve. Thank you so, so much! I love you all!

    - Austyn & Sarah
  • My Lymphedema is Much Better

    These ladies (Lacy and Jordan) are amazing professionals. I’m so glad I’m here. My lymphedema is much better. Even my mother noticed. Lacy makes me stronger and is very pleasant to be around. Jordan is very good at opening my lymph nodes to drain. I would recommend RMPT to everyone.

    - Carolyn N.
  • They Helped Me with Labral Tears in my Hips

    I have enjoyed my experience at RMPT! Lacy and Jordan both have a great attitude and have helped me manage symptoms of labral tears that I have in my hips. I would recommend RMPT to anyone who needs help with pain or an injury!

    - Christopher C.
  • Pain-Free without Surgery

    Almost three years ago, I was diagnosed with a partial tear of the rotator cuff and biceps tendinitis in my right shoulder. A lifelong athlete, I faced a potentially devastating blow to my future health and fitness. But with Meggan Jorgensen at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I was not only able to resume normal use of my shoulder but today it remains pain-free and even stronger. With her professional expertise and positive personal approach, Meggan was able to deliver a tailored and effective treatment plan that allowed me to be pain-free without surgery, injections, or steroids. I can once again pepper the volleyball and play pickleball.

    - Clark S.
  • I Returned to Long Walks and Hikes

    I come to therapy to help me deal with stenosis in my lower back and it’s resulting numbness and tingling in my feet. I always receive excellent and compassionate care from Rebecca and Sarah. Through the efforts, I am better able to live with my situation and improve my ability to return to long walks and hikes. Rebecca and Sarah have most recently helped me to return to full strength after a procedure that inserted two “vertiflex” in my lumbar spine. Their help and encouragement have returned me to how I was before the procedure.

    - Douglas F.
  • Back to An Active Lifestyle

    My shoulder was painful. It hurt when I exercised, limited which activities I could participate in, and made it difficult to sleep. I would lie awake at night for a few hours at a time. I came to see Meggan and she outlined a treatment place for me that included manual therapy, strengthening exercises, and postural changes. After just a couple of visits, the pain began to subside. After 2 weeks, the pain was gone and I was back to doing the workouts I love. She equipped me with the tools to handle any future flair ups on my own. She and her team at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy have treated me for a variety of injuries over the years, and the results are always the same: full recovery, back to an active and healthy life.

    - Jesse T.
  • Totally Great Experience

    I have had a really great experience. I was being treated for my sciatic nerve flare-up. I was not able to sit comfortably. I couldn’t stand very long or even get a comfortable sleep. With all professional help and exercises, I have been feeling fantastic and back to normal. I am completely happy with the results and have definitely learned new methods to keep my nerves manageable. Totally great experience working with Jordan. Thank you for everything!

    - Jose R.
  • I’m Able to Enjoy Each Day More Now

    I appreciate the attention to detail and also the friendly manner of every person here. I especially appreciate that my neck and shoulder feel better! A lot less pain and a lot fewer headaches. I’ve been given the right to manage things on my own now. I’ve been really pleased that this therapy office does dry needling. This has helped me so much! Thank you! I feel like I’m able to enjoy each day more now – not having so much pain or worrying about it.

    - Julia B.
  • Best in My Eyes

    To whom it may concern, I can honestly say they have been so helpful in my recovery. I actually want to come to physical therapy more than ever before because I feel like I’m making a lot of progress versus sound like in the past at other places. They get to know what works best for each individual. They care and treat clients like individuals and go at the patients’ pace. They are the first PT that understands my injuries and works with them. I’ve come a long way and understand a lot more from my limitations. Great, great gals!! My service dogs love them. They are the best in my eyes and I have been to a lot of other clinics.

    - Kathy B.
  • More Range of Motion Than Ever

    When I first came to Rocky Mountain physical therapy, I was two months out of surgery and had very little movement of my right shoulder. They were all very helpful and in a few months, I had more range of motion than ever. Thanks to everyone, my right shoulder feels better than ever!

    - Michael M.
  • Nothing but Praise for Them

    This is my third time back. The first time was due to a neck fusion back from 2009. The second time was due to a back problem. My third time was due to a motor vehicle accident. All three times they helped me with exercises, stretches, and massage. Each visit left me feeling better than when I first came in. They were very patient, courteous, thoughtful, informative, and very helpful. I have nothing but praise for them. I would recommend these people who work here to anyone. As far as it goes for me, I come in stiff and sore and leave as a new man!

    - Michael O.
  • I Am Now Pain-Free

    Moving to Colorado in 1984, the thought of skiing and doing 14ers never entered my mind. I was a city boy. As my children got older, I started looking at those two activities. Two things worked against me. Age 40 to start skiing and age 50 to start hiking and trying to make up for what I then thought was lost time. I was working at the Fort Collins club when RMPT and Meggan Jorgensen opened a new location. They were my ticket. I could overdo it and they would put me back together. I began to have sciatica off and on but it became debilitating and took me out of completing my year goal of completing the 14ers for the third time. With the expertise of Meggan and RMPT, I not only healed but healed faster and stayed healthy for longer. Yes, I still have aches and pains from time to time but that is what you get when you hike all the 14ers three times and ski 50 days a year. I am now pain-free most of the time and I’m able to participate in all the activities I love most: playing with my grandchildren, skiing, and hiking with my daughter Deborah!  

    - Mike
  • Very Good Team

    When I first heard I had to go to therapy before an MRI could be done, I thought to myself, ‘what a joke!!’ To my amazement, each day I had therapy, my shoulder was sore the next day, but I continued to have increased mobility in my shoulder. Each day, Lacy would have me work my shoulder to help stretch and strengthen my muscles, and every therapy we would do a different exercise. Jordan also is a very good therapist!!! This is a very good team. My shoulder feels much better. 

    - Tim C.
  • Now I am better than ever.

    I really like Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy.  It is a great environment here.  There are amazing physical therapists here.  Before I came here, I struggled with getting in and out of the shower due to my ACL but now I am better than ever.

    - Jordan M.
  • I have full range of motion and about 90% strength back.

    I came in with a shoulder separation (AC joint) after an ATV accident.  Kaleb assessed my situation and started with treatment.  In less than 6 weeks, I have full range of motion and about 90% strength back.  Home exercises are simple and effective.  Thanks Kaleb.

    - Martin G.
  • Amazing Staff

    I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lindsay Simonds for two months now due to surgery from a reverse shoulder replacement.

    She has a very easygoing manner and is very knowledgeable. She encourages a patient to go further when there is a need. She also explained a lot about the various muscles and how they work together in the body when I had questions.

    I made a lot of progress in the time I worked with her and would highly recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.

    - Sherri J.