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herniated disc Jan20th 2021

What do you think is causing your back pain? Could it be a herniated disc? Find out.

Has anyone ever told you they have a “slipped disc”? This term is actually a misnomer, since discs don’t really “slip” but either degenerate, bulge, or herniate. Fortunately, a physical therapist can treat all these issues! The latter condition, called a disc herniation, occurs when the outer layer of the disc tears. This allows the

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pelvic-floor-health-rocky-mountain-physical-therapy Jan8th 2021

Importance of the Pelvic Floor

Did you know that there are over seven muscles that make up your pelvic floor? Did you also know that nearly half of women past age 50, and 10% of men report some sort of bladder leakage? That being said, common does not necessarily mean normal, or that you’re destined to leak forever.  Functions of

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Dec20th 2020

3 Reasons It’s Important to Stay Active as You Age

Want to Stay Healthy for Life? Start by Staying Active “You’re only as young as you feel,” or so the saying goes. It might be more accurate, however, to say that you’re only as young as your health permits. When you see elderly people shuffling along on walkers or refusing to leave their favorite chair,

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