Mar25th 2015

Welcome to our new updated website. Along with our new website, our Johnstown center recently relocated to 222 Johnstown Center Dr. (Banner Health Clinic Basement). All four of our locations are accepting new patients, we also offer FREE physical therapy consultations. With all of the locations growing and expanding we figured we would start a blog to inform you about the latest physical therapy treatments, research articles, education on various diagnosis, and featured therapy products. Please feel free to leave comments about what you want more information on or questions you may have about certain topics.

A product that we use during a therapy session for pain control is Electrical Stimulation (or TENS Unit). TENS units send electrical pulses through the skin and these pulses control the body’s pain signals. With controlling the pain signals the body is able to release endorphins (body’s natural pain killers) which will provide temporary relief from the pain. These units are non-addictive (unlike prescription pain killers), plus leaves you non-drowsy. If you are interested in use of a TENS unit for home, contact us to set up a consult to see if this would be a viable treatment option for you.


Phone: 970-460-0066 (Windsor/Johnstown/Loveland) or 970-568-8461 (Fort Collins)

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