Summer Foot Pain/Plantarfasciitis

Jun11th 2015

The start of summer means flip flops and sun tans. At Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy we have an increase in patient complaints of foot pain in the summer which is usually due to improper support in sandals. With the lack of arch support your arch can collapse causing micro-tearing in your plantarfascia which is a tough tissue at the bottom of the foot. Common complaints of plantarfasciitis are pain at the base of the heel and pain with the first few steps out of bed or after rest. To avoid foot pain this summer grab a more sturdy sandal or wear your tennis shoes and hiking shoes with good arch support for those longer treks. We find great relief with patients that have foot pain when they add an insole like Super Feet found right here at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy. More severe cases require soft tissue release, taping and or corrective exercises for muscle imbalances. Call for a free consult or set up your appointment today!

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