Physical Therapy During Pregnancy

Aug31st 2017

Anna Siliciano, Doctor of Physical Therapy

The body undergoes many amazing physical changes during pregnancy while making a baby.  Unfortunately, many women also experience pain during pregnancy due increased weight, lengthening of abdominal muscles, hormonal changes and postural changes.  The most common physical complaints are low back pain, sacral- iliac joint pain/dysfunction, and sciatica.  Other complaints include neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, diastasis recti, urinary incontinence, thoracic pain, pubic symphysis pain, leg cramps, and shortness of breath.

All of the above issues can be addressed with physical therapy intervention, or even better they can be prevented or lessened with physical therapy at the beginning of pregnancy.  Preventative physical therapy includes instruction in appropriate stretching/strengthening exercises, education regarding proper postural alignment and body mechanics as well as recommendations on other appropriate interventions.  Physical therapy treatment for established symptoms can involve: pain management strategies, soft tissue mobilization, aquatic therapy, cupping therapy, taping, instruction in appropriate core stabilization exercises and stretches and aquatic therapy.   We can also help find the appropriate maternity support belt to decrease the pressure of the growing abdomen.

Pregnancy is no reason to stop being active and doing the things you love.  Call our office to schedule a visit today for a happy, healthy pregnancy!

An SI belt helps to support the Sacroiliac Joint
during pregnancy and can help to decrease pain.

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