Physical Therapy and Total Knee Replacements

Aug14th 2017

By: Sierra Evers-Hellmich, PTA

Here at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, we provide a wide range of post-surgical physical therapy plans to help patients achieve their goals and regain an active lifestyle. Total Knee Replacements (TKR), also known as Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), are becoming more common as the population ages. Physical therapy is a vital part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process, and Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy is ready to help you get started.  Our staff will guide you through targeted exercise programs that will help decrease swelling and discomfort, as well as increase range of motion.


We offer a wide range of physical therapy options ranging from stretches which will help improve flexibility, exercises to increase strength, to hands on manual therapy.  Our staff will access each patient’s needs, and help develop a plan focused on your personal goals.. Just because you have a Total Knee Replacement doesn’t mean you have to give up your active Colorado lifestyle. We are here to help you get back to daily life, then back out on the trail!

If you have just had a TKR or are considering a knee surgery, give us a call at 970-568-8461 to set up your initial evaluation appointment today with our knowledgeable and compassionate staff!


Before: Both bone and cartilage can be severely damaged over time causing an increase in pain and loss of function.
After: The surgeon replaces the damaged part of the knee with plastic and metal parts to restore proper alignment and function of the knee.



There are a variety of exercises that are prescribed in Physical Therapy that will help increase your range of motion, strength and even help with balance.

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