Do you have intense headaches?

Aug7th 2017

By: Meggan Jorgensen, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Did you know not all headaches are migraines, and some can be treated by therapy permanently instead of with medication?

Cervicogenic headaches are often misdiagnosed as migraines but give on classic symptom in everybody who suffers from them. The pain starts at the base of the skull and wraps around the head like a rams horn hitting the back of the eyes at its worst stage, and the pain increases with leaning your head back. THESE HEADACHES ARE FULLY TREATABLE BY THERAPY.

Cervicogenic headaches result from either bony structures or soft tissue restrictions of the neck causing pinching on the trigeminocervical nucleus and thus causing pain in both the trigeminal nerve and the upper cervical nerves giving the classic rams horn headache. People who suffer from these often have poor neck posture and movement restriction as well as severe trigger points in the neck musculature. MRI’s and X-rays often come back negative and discouragement of ever getting better soon follows.

At Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy we can change your life and resolve these headaches. We use a combination of treatments designed to correct the neck posture, strengthen the proper neck muscles to better support the weight of the head and thus decrease the tension on the tissues that cause these headaches. We also do extensive manual therapy (tissue work) to decrease the muscle tension and results in decrease in headaches and pain. We can also add in dry needling into these muscle bellies to accelerate the process of decreasing the muscle tension as well as our cervical traction unit to open up the spacing in the joints of the neck and relieve the nerve from the pressure.

Most people feel better within a few treatments and are pain and headache free within 6-8 weeks.



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