Paul P.

Paul P Jan15th 2021

I was initially seen at RMPT over 2 years ago for help with Parkinson’s related balance and strength issues post DBS surgery. I needed a walker and then a cane to get around, but Kelsey and Jamie continued to make me better. I could not walk more than a block without assistance, I could not kayak fish due to balance issues and fishing in general was hard. I was a tough patient with ever-shifting issues keeping Kelsey and Jamie on their toes, but they kept challenging me to work for harder goals. Then I had knee surgery and shoulder surgery earlier this year. They got me back to where I can go up and down stairs without knee pain or balance issues. I was able to do some kayak fishing late last year and some 3-5 miles hikes. They made all of my everyday activities better and gave me back my favorite pastime of fishing without too many limitations.