Sep1st 2020

Moving to Colorado in 1984, the thought of skiing and doing 14ers never entered my mind. I was a city boy. As my children got older, I started looking at those two activities. Two things worked against me. Age 40 to start skiing and age 50 to start hiking and trying to make up for what I then thought was lost time. I was working at the Fort Collins club when RMPT and Meggan Jorgensen opened a new location. They were my ticket. I could overdo it and they would put me back together. I began to have sciatica off and on but it became debilitating and took me out of completing my year goal of completing the 14ers for the third time. With the expertise of Meggan and RMPT, I not only healed but healed faster and stayed healthy for longer. Yes, I still have aches and pains from time to time but that is what you get when you hike all the 14ers three times and ski 50 days a year. I am now pain-free most of the time and I’m able to participate in all the activities I love most: playing with my grandchildren, skiing, and hiking with my daughter Deborah!