Laurie P.

Apr9th 2021

After months of limited movement and severe pain in my shoulder, an X-ray that showed nothing, and a cortisone injection that gave no relief, my next option for help was physical therapy. Having had no previous experience with physical therapy I was not convinced it would be the answer but, knew it was worth trying. Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy was recommended by a friend of my son’s. Making an appointment and giving all the necessary information to April was easy and efficient. During my first appointment with Dr. Sarah Baily, I laid out all the things I was no longer able to do: After years of swimming for recreation and exercise I was unable to do an overhand stroke. I needed my husband’s help in getting dressed and undressed. Reaching to get something from the cupboard sent me to the floor in pain. Sarah diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. After her explanation of this condition, her plan for therapy, and her advice for me to be patient, I embarked on my first physical therapy experience. I can’t say enough about the calm, professional, and confident therapists I worked with. They were supportive and encouraging and I actually enjoyed my therapy sessions. After three months of manual therapy and exercise with Sarah and Derick, the range of motion and flexibility in my shoulder is nearly back to normal. I can now reach for things overhead and get dressed independently without pain and I look forward to returning to the pool soon. As my therapy comes to an end, I am forever grateful to the therapists and staff at RMPT. I will continue doing my exercises at home, but I strongly believe the therapy I received at RMPT was exactly what I needed and I will not hesitate to return in the future if necessary.