Karla W.

Apr9th 2021

I injured my right shoulder wakeboarding in August 2020 and finally sought help in late November 2020. I was unable to put my right arm behind my back or fully raise it above my head. It also hurt when I reached for things. Cassie diagnosed a torn bicep tendon and said I needed to do a “reset”. The reset meant I had to stop doing pretty much everything at the gym that involved my arms and started me on some PT-approved exercises. My first set of exercises included pressing my fist against the wall. How was this going to help? Meagan said I needed to trust the process, so I did these silly exercises every day and was so thankful when each session I was given MORE exercise! Now it’s March and I’m graduating from
PT. I still have the torn tendon, but I’m cleared to do my normal activities at the gym, snowboard, and wakeboard. I can also do things like put on a coat, tuck in my shirt, put on a seat belt, reach to get a document off the printer and sleep on my right side without discomfort. Cassie and Meggan did what they do and I continue to do my exercises daily and the result is I am back to my normal activities and no surgery. Thank You!