Judy R.

Judy R. Jan15th 2021

The end of January I took a nasty tumble in my kitchen, breaking my upper arm just south of my shoulder, a vertebra in my back, and damaging my right hand and arm severely enough that it wouldn’t work at all. A couple of doctors and a couple of PT’s from Brand X all assured me it would heal about 1 mm per day but would likely never get well. I usually throw away junk newsletters that clutter my mailbox, but the RMPT newsletter a couple of months ago caught my eye, and after reading it, I decided this approach seemed quite different and warranted a shot. About 8 weeks ago I started treatment with Jordan and Meagan. They started working on my back and shoulder/neck, explaining they believed the best chance for success was working out the knots in my neck and showing absolutely NO mercy waded in. It took about a month before there was a measurable difference, but most of the numbness is significantly reduced and I can go back to my craft business. My hands work together once more!