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Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose, PTA

I lived in SD and NE before moving to Colorado in 2020. I currently hold a Bachelor’s in Biology from Northern State University in 2008 and PTA degree from Clarkson College in 2015. I previously worked in an Acute Orthopedic Hospital and Outpatient/Aquatic Clinic in Omaha, NE.

While I am passionate about working with all PT diagnoses, my special interests include aquatic physical therapy, IASTM manual therapy, orthopedics and improving balance. I strive to teach patients holistic and proactive ways to take charge of their health rather than merely reacting to present injuries or physical deficits. My dedication to health and love of adventure extends to running trails, backcountry camping, photography, teaching others nutritious ways to cook/bake, and exploring new travel locations with family & friends!