RMPT Medical Supply

Back Braces:

Spinomed III Aspen

Spinomed III: Activation of the back muscles strengthens the spine and reduces hyperkyphosis. Reduces pain and promotes activity. Research proven to improve posture.

DDS 500: Provides DECOMPRESSION of lumbar spine. Can be used while ambulating. Research proven to effectively increase the invertebral disc space.

Summit 631: ACTIVE BRACE with COMPRESSION for the relief of low back pain. Used to assist with pain relief during activities. Research proven to increase core muscle strength.


Knee Braces:




M.4 OA: Stabilization of the knee joint to counteract knee instability which often causes osteoarthritis.


Genumedi: Compression sleeve used for mild sprains, joint effusions and swelling.



Elbow Brace:



Epico ROM II: Orthosis for assisting with mobility of elbow.







TENS Unit: Assists with decreasing pain.

Rocktape: Assists with preventing cramps, promote blood flow, reuce muscle fatigue, and aids in recovery. RMPT therapists are Roc Docs.





Superfeet: Insoles to help stabilize the foot with a structured help cup and full-length foam for support and comfort.



theracaneTheracane: Trigger point massage release tool.





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   Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy Medical Supply also carries:

Walkers (upon order only)
Foam Rollers
Ice Packs
Therapy Putty
Various Other Therapeutic Supplies

Contact Us @ 970-460-0066 for questions on Durable Medical Equipment


I completed a six week internship with RMPT, part of which I was with Rob in the Loveland office. Rob is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring DPT. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning the trade from him. I highly recommend this office for your physical therapy needs. -Chelsey, Loveland (Google Review 5stars)

I recently completed a six week internship with RMPT. I spent most of it with Amie and Jess in the Windsor clinic. They both are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and well rounded. I highly recommended using RMPT for all of your therapy needs. Chelsey, Windsor (Google Review 5stars)

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