Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis


What is it?

Narrowing of the opening within the spine through which the spinal cord and nerves run. The changes that occur to the spine through aging may cause this condition. Other causes may include bone overgrowth, herniated discs, or thickening of the ligaments that hold each vertebra in place.





Arm or Leg Pain, Numbness or Tingling, Weakness


How can therapy help?

Our physical therapy team will evaluate and develop a plan of care to address your individualized symptoms that you may be experiencing. The plan of care may address your core/leg/arm strength and overall mobility, and balance. Call us today for a FREE consultation to see how Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy can help you!


I completed a six week internship with RMPT, part of which I was with Rob in the Loveland office. Rob is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring DPT. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning the trade from him. I highly recommend this office for your physical therapy needs. -Chelsey, Loveland (Google Review 5stars)

I recently completed a six week internship with RMPT. I spent most of it with Amie and Jess in the Windsor clinic. They both are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and well rounded. I highly recommended using RMPT for all of your therapy needs. Chelsey, Windsor (Google Review 5stars)

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