What is it?

A disc consists of a soft center encased within a tough exterior which provides cushion between the vertebrae. Discs change as you age and with your general activities. When herniated or rupture occurs this softer center pushes out through the exterior (like a jelly donut). This can happen from poor posture or poor lifting techniques. Posture, strength and range of motion changes can affect the disc position and how much herniation occurs.





Arm or Leg Pain, Numbness or Tingling, Weakness


How can therapy help?

Most herniated discs can be treated conservatively with physical therapy without the need for surgery. An examination with our highly skilled therapist will set a plan of care based off of your goals and lifestyle. This plan is to relieve pressure on the disc, improve joint mobility, muscle strength and posture. Our therapist will train you in a gym or home program to maintain good posture and reduce the risk of future injuries. Call us today for a FREE Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy consultation to see how we can help your herniated disc/back pain!


I am very happy for a chance to review RMPT. After a bone breaking fall , on hard ground, they were able to rid me of the pain and make it possible for me to walk again. As i have no car, Stacey worked carefully to coordinate my rides and available appointments and Kaleb’s unusual expertise, patience, and encouragement, gave me a new start in only 3 months. What a joy to work with such professionals!

(South Fort Collins Clinic)


I feel very safe & secure with this group of friendly, fun, competent professionals! I have been working with them for several months and have progressed under their care! No matter how bad I feel I always leave feeling better. I have faith in their ability to help me heal! They are energetic, eager to help and skilled! I’m so happy I have RMPT!

(Fort Collins-Central Clinic)

Rocky Mountain PT has turned out to be an excellent choice in doing my therapy. From the ease of scheduling through the office to the way they make you feel throughout the entire process is great. I had Derrick for the majority of my appointments and he was able to help alleviate so many of the post surgery issues I was having. He was always open ears to how I was feeling and I could tell he has a passion for really trying to "help". From one small business to another its nice to see a company that truly cares. Thank You Derrick!

(Loveland Clinic)

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