Physical Therapy

Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy on-site at the Anytime Fitness (Windsor), Banner Clinic (Johnstown), Front Range Pain Medicine (Loveland) and Fort Collins Club offers a vast variety of rehabilitation services. Equipped with a full gym, Pilates/Yoga Studio and pool at the Fort Collins location, we offer state of the art rehabilitation for a wide variety of rehabilitation needs.

Outpatient services:

  • Therapeutic Exercise

    • Strength Training

    • ROM (Range of Motion)

    • Cardiovascular Training

    • Pilates Core Stabilization

    • Aquatic (Pool) Therapy (Fort Collins Only)

    • Balance / Vestibular / Gait Training

    • Neuromuscular Re-education

    • Home / Gym Exercise Program

  • Manual Therapy

    • Soft Tissue Mobilization

    • Joint Mobilizations

    • Traction

    • Myofascial Release

    • Deep Friction Massage

    • Accupressure/Trigger Point Therapy

    • KinesioTaping

  • Physical Therapy Modalities

    • TNS / NMES (Electrical Stimulation)

    • Ultrasound

    • Phonophoresis / Iontophoresis

    • Cold / Heat Therapy

    • Other modalities for edema and pain


Seriously, I walked in limping with a brace on my first day, and left feeling wonderful, and I kept improving after each visit!!! The exercises and attention from the therapists (Kelsey and Jamie) have helped me tremendously, which has enabled me to become more active than I have in a few years. I am truly grateful for their professionalism and attention to my individual need!! I’m HIGHLY recommend them!!

(Johnstown Clinic)



“Big help, great advisors, great customer service!”

(Johnstown Clinic)

I had postpartum hip issue when I first came into RMPT. I’ve had physical therapy before but never believed in it. This time Jason took over my case and after 12 sessions I am back to 100%. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me. (Fort Collins-Central Clinic)

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