I recently completed a six week internship with RMPT. I spent most of it with Amie and Jess in the Windsor clinic. They both are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and well rounded. I highly recommended using RMPT for all of your therapy needs.

-Chelsey, Windsor (Google Review 5stars)


“I broke my elbow back in July due to a fall while camping. Luckily no surgery was required but my range of motion was very limited. I love to golf so being able to full straighten my arm is important. I got connected with Rob at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy. From our first session Rob did a great job of establishing my needs and concerns and set us up with a manageable program. While physical therapy can be painful and not a fun experience, Rob made it great! He was knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. My progress was slow and steady but i was able to fully recover my range of motion and have been out golfing several times in the past few weeks. Two thumps up to Rob for his help and positive attitude!”

-Chase, Loveland (Google Review 5stars)

“The staff at Rocky Mtn Physical Therapy are friendly, kind, and give great advice and care to their patients. They are also dedicated to helping you get better. I would definitely recommend.”

-Megan, Windsor (Google Review 5stars)

“As a student PTA, I was amazed at the level of care given at this facility. The patients really enjoy the physical therapist here, and can see great improvements in their symptoms after his treatments. I highly recommend this company, facility, and especially the physical therapist, Robert Lynde.”

-Brian, Loveland (Google Review 5stars)

“I have worked with 2 therapists at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy and they are both amazing. I have problems with the curve of my spine that contributes to other issues, Meghan quickly identified the problems and gave me treatments and exercises that have reduced the ongoing pain and problems. I have worked with other health professionals to try to address this problem, to no avail. Meghan was the first to see how the mechanics of the spine was contributing to other problems. I have also worked with Katy she is very skilled as well. I would recommend whole heartedly.”

-Cathy, Fort Collins (Google Review 5stars)

“I would recommend Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy to anyone. I have had physical therapy at several places and never felt more comfortable and in better hands than I do here. A+++++++. Thank you Anna, and the rest of the staff. It’s nice to know I’m in good hands.”

-Melissa, Fort Collins (Google Review 5stars)

“Great experience with great results. Rob is a great guy that knows what he is doing and is a nice guy. I’d definitely recommend going here for Physical Therapy needs.”

-Daniel, Loveland (Google Review 5stars)

“Amy and Jess have been great. They work you hard but make sure you are safe. They are always accommodating and go above and beyond to help you get better. Thank you so much for your care.”
-Mary, Windsor (Google Review 5stars)

“I am impressed with the willingness of the owner to work with clients. I appreciate her attitude and approach. The services at the Spa/Salon are great.”
-Linda, Fort Collins (Google Review 5stars)

“RMPT is a great place. The front desk staff is great and my therapist, Derek is amazing. RMPT works out of a shared business space, which is a little strange at first, but it doesn’t affect the quality of their work. I would suggest RMPT to a friend.”
-Luke, Fort Collins (Google Review 5stars)

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have made a dramatic recovery; hip replacement surgery was just the street, PT is where the work began. Meggan and Karen put me through the exact exercise program that I needed to be doing. It progressed as rapidly as I was capable. The deep tissue work produced amazing results. Somehow they know exactly where the kinks are. I am totally pleased with my results. I valued their expertise. They know their stuff, and they know exactly how to go about treating me, the patient, in order to return me to normal function. They pushed when I needed pushing, we laughed when I needed to laugh at myself. I showed up severely incapacitated after hip surgery. I left their practice fully capable to do the things I want to do. That is a good result and that is what I was looking for.”
-Thomas, Fort Collins

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have had the most incredible recovery! I had a major hardware removal and lumbar fusion. The PT started out slow with specific target that I began to reach and exceed very quickly—continuing with their plan I’ve exceeded my goals every day! What I have valued at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy the most was the attention to detail and the ability to adjust to meet my needs. Not every day was a perfect day and they adjusted to get me the maximum relief or increased conditioning to carry through until our next physical therapy session. I’m always excited to be here in their care!
-Clay, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have gained a better understanding of how important proper form is when exercising or doing daily activities. I have also learned to focus on things at work and that ergonomics play an important role in overall health and wellness. What I have valued at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy is the staff. Duane and Jessica are fantastic! They both explain what is causing the problem and what exercises will help eliminate/improve the pain. I always left my appointment feeling better and understanding what I needed to do to get better. I would return to this office in the future if I needed to.”
-Aubbrey, Windsor CO

“I have recently become a big fan of the staff at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy. Meggan and Karen provide a terrific 1-2 punch as a therapy team and the administrative staff has been great to work with. I originally came to Meggan with a “high mileage” shoulder looking for a way to avoid surgery so she constructed a thorough program for me. In spite of a couple of months of hard work (on both of our parts), she could tell that the damage was too extensive. Not only do I appreciated Meggan’s wisdom and honesty, but also her dedication to getting her clients back to full activity. After my surgery, she even made a personal visit to my surgeon to make sure we were all on the same page regarding my rehab protocol. I’ve made great progress thanks to Meggan and her team, I’ll be flyfishing soon and look forward to returning to the volleyball court as well. With a focus on results, a friendly nature and sense of humor, Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy is a top notch place to “get better”!”
-Rusty, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have majorly improved! I was encouraged and motivated by the staff to keep exercising. I was also given very detailed and concise instructions for caring for my injury away from therapy. With the staff’s help in modifying my exercise regimen rather than stopping it completely, I’ve lost 20lbs, within the weeks I’ve been coming to therapy! What I have valued at RMPT the most was the great service! I felt like the staff cared just as much, if not more than I did. I would recommend RMPT to any and everyone.”
Sheneidra, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have been able to have better range of motion due to the expert professional therapy sessions over the past year. Each of my therapist, Krista, Jessica, and Duane are very knowledgeable, capable and thorough. I have profited greatly from their expertise and personal attention. I have seen great progress in my range of motion and continue to improve under their directions. I would definitely recommended them to anyone who is in need of their services. What I have valued at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy is their personal touch, concern, expertise and interest in my complete recovery. They were all very conscious of my pain levels as they helped me perform my specific exercises. I have highly valued the professional touch each one brought to my therapy.
-Al, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have regained flexibility and balance. I can walk without the pain that I had before. Meggan has dramatically gotten rid of the scar tissue in my feet which had formed after a surgery and put me back on the path for a more active life. I feel very grateful and blessed to have met and been treated by Meggan and Karen and the staff at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy. They are the Best.”
-Rebecca, Fort Collins CO

A Poem Written By Our Fort Collins Patient:

” Karen doesn’t like me, I really don’t know why
She pulls my limbs and pinches me; she wants to make me cry
I can’t imagine what I’ve done to make her feel so mad
But when she’s done and I drive home I’m always very glad

I tell her that I’m tired and need to rest awhile
She makes me work much harder as she gives a cruel smile
When next she puts me on the rack and pulls me by the knee
I think I’m gonna tell her that she’s not the boss of me

Now and then she’s gentle as she places me in traction
And stretches out my lower back to check for some reaction
With tight straps pulled around my waist I hardly can exhale
But then she leaves me laying there like some poor stranded whale

Sometime in the future when my back is feeling better
I’ll take out pen and paper, then sit and write a letter
Thanking Karen for the pleasant times that we’ve both had
Perhaps I’ll even tell her that she’s really not that bad”
-Linda GW, 30th March 2013

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have improved my comfort and quality of life both at my job and while outside playing! After my illness and muscle loss I would get frustrated with exercise. I didn’t feel like I was in my own body and started to develop pain. N ow that my issues are finally being addressed I am starting to feel normal again! I no longer have pain during prolonged sitting and feel stronger when bending/flexing. I have been able to start running again and I’m excited for the next ski season. I am happy to work hard on my at home program as I see my strength and stability return. I can even do push-ups again…….. I’m not sure if you just heard me counting, but I did over a thousand.”
-Andy, Fort Collins

“I feel that beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have changed my appearance. After forty years of bad posture and horrible medicine, I thought no one could fix my back. RMPT taught me the skills and with the hard work, I’m getting a straighter back. After one month, there is a noticeable change. I’m already getting compliments! Thank you Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy.”
-Kendra, Windsor CO

” I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have learned the tools to take care of myself better. I have also received a level of treatment that far exceeded my expectations. That level of treatment has facilitated great healing in my knee and restored me to a quality that I was desiring. It was great getting to know the staff and each of them was a delight to be around. I had always been leery of physical therapy but Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy has given me a new perspective into the value and usefulness of physical therapy in my recovery from an injury. I am now the 2nd person in my household who has benefited from their care. Because of our active lifestyle. I am confident that one of us will see you again.”
-Chris, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have no pain caused by the hip being out of alignment. At my second appointment the pain was almost gone. I had learned new exercises to hopefully keep my hip in alignment. Some of the exercises, or I should say most of the exercises are not so strenuous that I feel I can continue doing them on a daily bases.”
-Martha, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have eliminated my inflamed tendon. Improved left arm extensions and acquired normal range of motion in one of those extensors. Been provided a program of exercises and weight training which is comprehensive and understandable. Learned my limitations with my probable torn tendon in top of of shoulder. Been informed to stop by any time with questions regarding exercises and weight training.”
-Dwight, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have my condition has improved. Thanks to their therapy programs. Therapist are very understanding, knowledgeable, and caring. Their business hours are also very accommodating to my schedule. The administrative staff are very helpful and courteous. Overall, I had a good experience!”
-Ruth, Windsor CO

“I have been going to Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy for about four sessions now. Three years ago, I had to have major back surgery caused by a tumor in my spine. This caused me to have my L-3 vertebrae removed. In doing that, they left a 9-inch scar along my side. My other therapists in Cheyenne helped me with my rehab on my back, but never felt comfortable addressing my scar tissue build up. Karen and Meggan have gone the extra effort with their hands on therapy to give me great relief and they have spent twice the time with me than my other therapist for the same price. I am very glad to have found these two hard working therapist who put in the extra effort on me.”
-Chris, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have improved 50% and was given the tools and knowledge to continue improving with an at home program. I learned how to use the core muscle groups and how important they are in maintaining spinal alignment and hip function. I was given instruction and guidance to properly perform stretching of various muscle groups in my legs to prevent muscle knotting and cramping. I learned how to properly breathe while performing exercises. I benefited from massage and ultrasound treatments. I learned the importance of exercise in your life despite pain levels.”
-Kim, Windsor CO

“….achieved nearly complete recovery. I have regained flexibility in my shoulder to nearly pre-injury level. I am pain free. I have yet to regain the level of strength which I had previously, but as a result of the “training” that I received during my therapy sessions, I am equipped to continue physical training to complete recovery of my pre-injury strength. The staff of RMPT have been fun to work with. I will miss seeing them on a regular basis.”
-Larry, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at RMPT I have increased core strength and can stand/walk a bit longer. I have received exercise charts for Levels 1 & 2 that were thoroughly explained and practiced so I can do these at home. I also plan to regularly use the gym and appreciate explanations of equipment and use.”
-Susan, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have improved exponentially. I came in with significant pain in my right glute-butt muscle radiating down into my right leg. I strain-pain impeded my enjoying activities like skiing, bicycling, jogging and generally even sitting long periods. The recommended exercises & stretches combined with initial massage of the targeted area by therapists truly helped eliminate the trouble of nerve impingement. I now have range of motion without pain-strain. I continue the exercises and stretches I was taught, adding them to my daily workout routine. Thanks RMPT!”
-Bill, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at RMPT I have very good use of my right arm and shoulder. When I had my reverse shoulder replacement Oct 23rd, 2012, I hadn’t been able to use my right arm for about a year. I had constant pain and weakness. After 6 weeks in a sling I came to RMPT on Dec 1, 2012 and was put in the care of Krista and Jessica. Krista formulated a plan of recovery and use of my right arm and shoulder. She and Jessica worked with me and taught me how to use PT to advance my arm to almost full usage. Not only did they help me physically but also emotionally and
mentally. I am really thankful for them, their dedication, and knowledge.”
-EJ, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at RMPT I have improved my overall strength in my knees. I no longer have pain when running and swimming. Physical Therapy has greatly improved knowledge of how to further prevent injuries and to keep training. I gained personal attention to answer all questions. Overall I am satisfied with all of my visits and glad my pain is gone.”
-Kristen, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, I have opened a new door in my life! Being diagnosed with diabetes was overwhelming and I was so depressed. Then, I heard about this program and after 10 weeks I can say I am stronger, weigh less, and have a positive outlook for my future. Krista and Jessica listened, encouraged, and pushed me to heights that surprised me! They are just the best! My A1c has gone from 6.7 to 5.9. All positive results from this program.”
-Connie, Windsor CO

“I fell that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have increased the range of motion in my shoulder and have gotten much stronger. I can do most daily activities without pain. I am sleeping better but still have some soreness in the morning. The therapists are friendly and helpful.”
-Bryce, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at RMPT I have come so far. The first day I saw Krista, I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk. I had no idea what was wrong with my hip. Come to find out, my SI joint was out of place and I had been walking on it that way for two months! Krista very quickly diagnosed it and started the healing process. All the therapist there were fabulous! They were encouraging but yet stern with the therapy process. I have had several knee surgeries including a knee replacement. Krista has been the most thorough therapist that I have ever had. The entire staff is great including Jami at the front desk, she is sweet, kind and very helpful! Thanks to everyone! I feel so much better!”
-Polly, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at RMPT that I have improved more than previous surgeries and therapies at a faster rate. In one month of therapy I have achieved the maximum flexibility that I will achieve and strengthened my leg and greatly improved my balance. The therapy I received here has been much more focused and attentive to my recovery. No Pain, No Gain.”
-Chase “LD”, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have received more knowledgeable care from both therapists that I have received at any other time in the last 20 years. Both therapist display a willingness to show me ways that I can help myself to manage building strength in my muscles. I will go back to these therapists when I need more treatments.”
-Ilene, Windsor CO

“Most importantly I have my hip pain resolved. I have increased my core strength and flexibility. I have been given a routine of exercises to do at home to continue core strengthening and stretching which I am doing daily. I have appreciated having Krista as my therapist and have found her to be very knowledgeable, gentle, effective. Her instructions and explanations are clear and understandable. She is sensitive and careful to protect patient’s privacy—much appreciated! I feel that the therapy was personalized to meet my body’s unique response to the therapy. Overall, a helpful and rewarding results.”
-Marilyn, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have made significant improvement in my rehab and also my outlook on exercise and maintaining my physical health. I have found the team of therapists at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy to be extraordinary in every way. They were sensitive to my needs and very professional. They demonstrated high level of competence and were always willing to listen to my concerns. Jess and Meggan also made my experience very enjoyable. I always looked forward to my next appointment. I almost wish I could have another injury so I could come back for more sessions!!”
-Rick, Fort Collins CO

“I began physical therapy at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy in early October. My primary complaint was significant mid-back tightness that Krista diagnosed as primarily being due to having a forward-slouching posture, in addition to weaknesses in various core muscle groups. Krista, Karen and Jessica patiently helped me each step of the way, tailoring a stretching and strengthening program that over the past few weeks has vastly alleviated my symptoms. My posture has improved significantly, and I am now back to running pain free. I would heartily recommend RMPT to anyone interested in improving their quality of life.”
-Philip, Windsor CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I came in with a sore lower back and occasional shooting pain in my left leg. I discovered that not only did I have a bulging disc and a pinched nerve but had bad posture and bad habits in using my back in particular. Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy diagnosed my issues, cared for my problems and instructed me on proper posture, core use and gave me an easy to follow exercise regime to stay strong and correct my bad habits.”
-Ryan, Fort Collins CO

“I feel that since beginning care at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy I have made marked improvement. This is my fourth physical therapy for a knee injury. I can see and feel improvement in my knee agility and stamina.”
-Marsha, Windsor CO

“Megan and Jessica have done an excellent job of pushing me to my limits. Step by step increasing my exercises and building muscle not only in my knee but from the top of my head to my toes. If only my lungs could keep up! I’ve especially enjoyed using the facilities at The Fort Collins Club including mopping the Basketball Court Floor! Ask Megan about that one! No pain, no gain. Hope to ski pain free at Mary Jane this year!”

Thanks Megan and Jess!
-Rick, Fort Collins CO

“When I started physical therapy with Meggan, I was increasingly afraid I was going to lose the ability to walk, was constantly afraid of falling, and had a lot of pain. After working with Meggan and Karen, I am realizing more and more that I am gaining strength and balance. It is rather amazing improvement. All my family is commenting on how improved I am. In addition to that, I no longer have so much pain, I can get up when I get down on the floor, I have more energy, and best of all I feel very positive about the future, even though I am 82 years. I am so very grateful of the love care I received”
-Caroline, Fort Collins CO

“I was having problems with my balance and my doctor, Doctor Carey, felt I needed physical therapy. He had his nurse set up appointment with Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy (Windsor). My therapist was Krista Hannon. Krista started a program that would help my balance problem. She also had two other therapists to help her-Karen and Suzie. We started with walking forward and backward, standing on one leg and then the other, picking up objects from the floor, using different weight machines, standing up from a chair quickly, using resistance bands, leg strap, and many other exercises to help me regain my balance. Krista, Karen and Suzie were really great helping me. They are very special people.”
-Jack, Windsor CO

“After a year of limping around my school and classroom I committed to myself, my family, and my coworkers that I would seek to rehabilitate my hip over the summer. True to my word, the week after school was out I had an evaluation at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy and a consultation with an orthopedic specialist. The diagnosis was osteoarthritis in my hip due to injury. The decision was to try to increase my mobility with physical therapy in lieu of hip replacement surgery. Krista patiently worked with me all summer long on exercises to strengthen my legs, increase my mobility and restore my balance. She created a home exercise program that I faithfully followed. Between the home exercise program and PT appointments my limp has decreased dramatically, and my balance continues to improve. My stamina has increased so much that I was able to keep up with my family on extended days of walking and sightseeing in both New York and Washington DC. Before I began physical therapy my husband planned on taking a wheelchair with us on vacation. We never dreamed I’d be able to walk it all, but I did! I am so grateful for the improvement in my overall health.”
-Janell, Windsor CO

I had always been an active person, even though I have been living with MS since 1993. But the last five years I saw myself deteriorating physically, and I was NOT going to let that happen. With Rocky Mountain Physical therapy’s help, I have started using the exercise machine, and even started doing Pilates. I am thrilled. The staff has been great to work with. Amy and Jessica have helped me to understand how to use my center core to help with everyday activities. I am now using the weight machine to help me build more muscle and strength. This was something I was never confident doing myself. They have guided me through the process step by step. Teaching me how to use my center core for everyday task. For that I am truly thankful. They even have started me doing Pilates, which I thought was a pipe dream. I am so happy to be moving forward. Thank you Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy.
-Denise, Fort Collins CO

I’ve been to Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, formerly Windsor Physical Therapy twice, first for back and hip pain and later for shoulder and arm pain. The source of my pain was quickly diagnosed and treatment began. They are very good and soon had me feeling better, but what impressed me the most was their sympathetic manner. They seem to really care about their patients.
-Letha, Windsor CO

My first appointment with Michelle was about two years ago. I was having recurring problems with my back. The doctor that had performed experimental surgery two years prior suggested I have another surgery that would essentially put a cage type device around part of my spine. I know this type of surgery can cause further problems down the road, and I didn’t want to worry about that. I asked my doctor if he thought I would get relief from doing physical therapy. He said I could try it, but it would not take care of the problem. I sought out a physical therapist and found Michelle. I have to admit I was very skeptical after her evaluation, but she told me if she didn’t think she could help me she would tell me. I decided I had to give her a chance since she was so confident that she could help me. After about a month of three visits a week, I started noticing a lessening of the debilitating pain. I worked hard to learn to do my part in my progress to a healthier back. That was a year ago! I am able to manage the program Michelle taught me, and haven’t needed her expertise since.

I have been to many physical therapists over the last ten years of my life. I can say with confidence that Michelle cares about her patients and has a deep desire to help them become healthy. I didn’t have this experience with other physical therapists.

I am so thankful to have Michelle on my health care team! I have recommended her to several people who also have the same respect and confidence in her that I do. Thank you for the opportunity to recommend Michelle.
-Wilma, Severance CO

Just a few months ago my son and I were talking about me needing to be in some kind of assisted living. My legs were hurting so bad I didn’t want to get out of my chair. My doctor found I had severe arthritis in my back and knees. Because of other medical problems they could not do knee replacement surgery.

I received cortisone shots in both knees and the pain went away. While I had this window of pain free I came to work at the gym and was introduced to Krista. I work out every day sometimes twice a day (Just to get out of the house and do something). I am very happy with my results and hope to continue.

My legs don’t hurt but my arthritis in the knees is painful at times, I plan to keep doing what I can for as long as I can.
-Linda, Windsor CO


I am very happy for a chance to review RMPT. After a bone breaking fall , on hard ground, they were able to rid me of the pain and make it possible for me to walk again. As i have no car, Stacey worked carefully to coordinate my rides and available appointments and Kaleb’s unusual expertise, patience, and encouragement, gave me a new start in only 3 months. What a joy to work with such professionals!

(South Fort Collins Clinic)


I feel very safe & secure with this group of friendly, fun, competent professionals! I have been working with them for several months and have progressed under their care! No matter how bad I feel I always leave feeling better. I have faith in their ability to help me heal! They are energetic, eager to help and skilled! I’m so happy I have RMPT!

(Fort Collins-Central Clinic)

Rocky Mountain PT has turned out to be an excellent choice in doing my therapy. From the ease of scheduling through the office to the way they make you feel throughout the entire process is great. I had Derrick for the majority of my appointments and he was able to help alleviate so many of the post surgery issues I was having. He was always open ears to how I was feeling and I could tell he has a passion for really trying to "help". From one small business to another its nice to see a company that truly cares. Thank You Derrick!

(Loveland Clinic)

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