It’s Almost Ski Season in the Rockies

It’s Almost Ski Season in the Rockies

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Time to get your skis, boots and bindings tuned and dig out that favorite jacket and gloves so you’re ready to hit the slopes. Oh what about YOU? Are YOU ready for the slopes? Just as important as making sure that your gear is in top shape to provide you with the best season you can imagine, taking a good look at your body is also vital.

Did you suffer any injuries over the past year? Do you have any current aches or pains, any concerns about your knees, hips, feet or even your shoulders or spine? Having these issues looked at now can provide you with enough time to get them addressed and back in good working order before the first lifts open.

Along with addressing these concerns, making sure that you are strong enough and have the necessary flexibility to participate can improve your season and prevent injuries. Exercising year around is the best option to keep yourself in shape and ready to go but even starting a routine at this time is far better than doing no prep work at all. Even for those who do stay at it all year, changing up your routine to ensure sufficient leg and core strength, flexibility and dynamic balance can pay big dividends over the season.

If you are looking forward to skiing, or any other winter sport this year, do yourself a favor and start by getting yourself physically ready. Contact your professional physical therapist at Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy in Windsor, Johnstown, Loveland or Fort Collins for a free consultation to assess your readiness to participate and for guidance on appropriate exercises or treatment that may be needed to get you on the ski lift ready to shred some white stuff.


Seriously, I walked in limping with a brace on my first day, and left feeling wonderful, and I kept improving after each visit!!! The exercises and attention from the therapists (Kelsey and Jamie) have helped me tremendously, which has enabled me to become more active than I have in a few years. I am truly grateful for their professionalism and attention to my individual need!! I’m HIGHLY recommend them!!

(Johnstown Clinic)



“Big help, great advisors, great customer service!”

(Johnstown Clinic)

I had postpartum hip issue when I first came into RMPT. I’ve had physical therapy before but never believed in it. This time Jason took over my case and after 12 sessions I am back to 100%. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me. (Fort Collins-Central Clinic)

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